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Spokane Glass Kickstarter

Spokane Glass Kickstarter

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Take a stand against Spokane's glass waste! Every pledge helps us get one step closer to a permanent glass upcycling solution for the community.
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  • 🔄 How It Works

    Once a month, we pick up all your glass bottles and jars, giving them a second life. Through strategic partnerships, your glass containers find their way back to food and beverage experts who skillfully refill them with culinary delights! 🍾🍝

  • 🚀 What's In It For You:

    Early Supporter: Your pledge plays a vital role in our launch

    Exclusive Perk: Enjoy a free month of our glass upcycling service!

    Future Service: Anticipate competitive $18-$22 rates, and be among the first to know about service availability.

  • 👊 Pledge Now, Glass Later

    Ready to kickstart Glass Upcycling?! Hit the "Back this project" and let's make waves together! 🌊 Your deposit not only secures your spot in the greenest movement in town but also fuels the journey to expand our services to cities across Washington State!

  • 40% of "Recycled" glass goes to the landfill.

  • 70 Million glass bottles and jars enter our landfills daily.

  • 150 Million Americans lack access to glass recycling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in a future service?

Once-a-month collection of glass bottles and jars. Upcycled by partners, any unrecyclables are crushed and turned into new containers.

Will you accept all glass bottles and jars.


How much is the future service going to cost?

Target cost is $18-$22, with rates decreasing as more people sign up.

What happens after I pledge?

Your pledge secures your spot and accelerates our service launch no later than 6 months after being funded.