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Tacoma Glass Upcycling

Tacoma Glass Upcycling

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 🔄 How It Works

Once a month, we pick up all your glass bottles and jars, giving them a second life. Through strategic partnerships, your glass containers find their way back to food and beverage experts who skillfully refill them with culinary delights! 🍾🍝

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  • 40% of "Recycled" glass goes to the landfill.

  • 70 Million glass bottles and jars enter our landfills daily.

  • Separating glass from your recycling bin increases the recovery rates of other materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the service?

Once-a-month collection of glass bottles and jars. Upcycled by partners, any unrecyclables are crushed and turned into new containers.

What days do you pickup?

We pick up on the first Tuesday and Wednesday of every month, depending on your zip code.

Do you accept all glass bottles and jars?