• 40% of "Recycled" glass goes to the landfill.

  • 70 Million glass bottles and jars enter our landfills daily.

  • Separating glass from your recycling bin increases the recovery rates of other materials.

Residential Glass Upcycling.

Cut landfill waste by 40% and slash carbon emissions by 85% compared to traditional glass recycling. It's easy—just separate your glass into our ZEWA-provided bin. Sign up today and transform your home recycling with ZEWA's upcycling service.

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We envision a future where all packaging is reused, single-use plastics are a distant memory, and landfills are obsolete. Start upcycling today with ZEWA!

Glass Upcycling for Food and Beverage Brands.

Reuse your glass packaging effortlessly. Save money, boost profits, and enjoy an 85% reduction in scope 3 packaging emissions. ZEWA makes sustainability easy. Contact us today to lean more.

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Why Shen Zen Tea chose ZEWA.

"For our product, glass is the cleanest renewable packaging available that is becoming more expensive overtime due to its natural supply limitations. We want to ensure its availability to coming generations." 

-James F. Chang | Shen Zen Tea's Master Brewer & Owner

Host a Return Kiosk, It's Easy!

Coming to PCC Community Markets 2024.

Increase foot traffic to your store by hosting a return kiosk. The presence of a return kiosk sets local businesses apart and attracts sustainability-minded customers. Contact us today to learn more.

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Interested in Glass Upcycling for your Bar or Restaurant ?

What if your establishment ditched the glassware after just one round? Help us stop this madness with glass packaging. Support your purveyors sustainability efforts and start upcycling today with ZEWA!